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Randys Mesquite

Randy's Mesquite crafts all of its own western furniture designs in our own workshop. Everything is hand-crafted mesquite furniture and decor. Unlike any other country furniture on the market, all our pieces are original and unique works of art. Our furniture comes in many shapes and sizes to meet everyone's needs.

We do custom furnishings and accessories.
We will deliver any of our large pieces personally.

At Randy's Mesquite we take pride in our quality crafted furnishings and accessories. Each piece of wood we collect is hand chaosen for the distinctive characteristics that Mother Nature has imprinted on it. Features such as twisted twigs and limbs, knots and natural burns are just a few of the details we look for when choosing the best to work with. We don't believe in cutting down healthy trees so we use dead standing wood that is dry and fully cured (6-10% moisture content).

Mesquite furnishings and accessories

All our furniture is natural wood.
We do not use veneer.

Solid wood mesquite furnishings and
accessories have their own inherent character,
meaning no two pieces are the same.

Custom Orders Welcomed!

We build what you need in cedar, pine or mesquite
for your home or office.
Check out our fine furniture pieces or custom order

Fine Quality Heirloom Furnishings & Accessories

Randys Mesquite builds fine mesquite chairs

Randy's Mesquite builds fine beds and bedroom sets
Beds & Sets

Randy's Mesquite builds fine mesquite tables.

Randy's Mesquite offers fine hand-finished wood sculptures and accessories.

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