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At Randy's Mesquite we take pride in our quality crafted wood furnishings and decor. Each piece of wood we hand collect is chosen for the characteristics that mother nature imprinted naturally in it. We don't believe in cutting down healthy trees. Instead, we remove naturally dead (but still standing) wood, native to the USA. Chosen for its strong character and durability, mesquite is one of the prime woods for western furniture, decor, sculpture and more.

Solid western exotic wood

Choose from mesquite, pine or cedar.

Randy's Mesquite is owned and operated by Randy Toon. Located in Trinidad, Colorado, his store displays high quality furnishings and carvings that attract tourists and locals alike. With more than 15 years experience in wood carving and all aspects of construction, Randy now specializes in creating home furnishings and decor. He uses no templates in the creation of his finest pieces. That means you are buying one of a kind quality furnishings, perfect for your wants and needs.

Whether it is for your home or office, Randy can build what you need in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Choose from picture frames to desks, trim to doors, furniture to countertops to sculptures, Randy can make what you need, when you need it.

Why settle for something less in size, style or function when you can custom order fine mesquite, pine or cedar furnishings according to what you need. Browse through our fine selection of furnishings and accessories for your home and office.

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